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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 8, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the chaos from is the occupy oakland in can admit. >> what you are seeing this from is the camera that the officers have attached to their body. as you can see your, the officers are surrounded they're unable to move, the crowd is not allowing them to move they are being hit paid, rocks, bottles and they are being spent on. protesters tried to take the baton from the
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officers. we are releasing this video because we want people to see what happens on our officers in what has happened to them that day. people want to know what happened and why it happened. the world is asking and wondering why oakland reacted the way they did. providing this video footage that shows from our perspective of what happened on this particular day, on this particular incident really speaks to what the officers went through. >>pam: in addition to the opd camera, the oakland police say they have received countless hours of private cellphone video from the recent occupy protesters as well. as a result, a team of opd officers has been formed to examine all the footage. take a look that is as well, this is the injury suffered by protesters last week during the general strike. as you can see the injury on the victims lead, the protestor without taking video of the police and he said all of a sudden he was shot with a non lethal
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weapon. it happened in downtown near city hall to the frank ogawa plaza. this is videotape posted on youtube of the incident. the protest see--who took the video spoke with the police--kron4 about what he wants. >> i started approaching the police line here, and an officer told me to step back. i stopped and i step back and i started to fail, and you could hear me on the camera asking the officer is this ok if i was that an appropriate enough distance for him, he did not answer to. there was no violence of any kind, the protesters were for the back, some of them were shouting at the police of and that it was completely calm. is it you can see in the tape as i am walking parallel and slowly
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moving away from the line. once i reached pretty much the end of the line and officer raises his weapon and fires at me with a projectile. i can only sleep on my back in one dry wit and the morning the pain is so bad i cannot fall back asleep. it looks better than has previously. it is pre--unwarranted and uncalled for. if i could ask the officer who shot me, i would be interested in knowing what was going through his mind that made him feel it was appropriate to sue me with a less than lethal weapon and calls me serious bodily harm. >>pam: in this story will see only on kron4 as questions continue to swirl regarding how the oakland police department has handled the occupy protest. tonight the opd chief sets
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the record straight in an exclusive interview with hazzig manyud. >>reporter: when it comes down to making the call for open police officers to use force through the recent general strike, the oakland police chief howard jordan says make no mistake about it but stops with him. >> yes, those in my decisions that were made as possible for those.--i am responsible for those. there were reports of people being seen going in those buildings with flares and other devices. i directed officers to go in and clear the building and arrested people that were preventing us from doing our crops.-- job. >>reporter: the chief says he is not responsible for the city's policy led by mayor jean quan about how to
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handle the oakland camp site at frank ogawa plaza. >> it is a unique situation to be in the policy decisions were made above my level. my job is to make sure that the officers do their jobs and they're being safe. my ruling is pretty narrow as far as where to go from here. >>pam: stay with us as we continue to cover the occupy protesters around the bay area. we have the latest video and information on our web site. do not forget to share your photographs, videos and opinions with us on our facebook fan page intimacy--and twitter feet. >>catherine: herman cain said today he wants to set the record straight two hours ago he stepped up to the microphone to categorically reject every accusation assist lisa--
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reject every accusation. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. >>catherine: he sent it wants, and then he said it again. the republican presidential candidate said the four women that accused him of sexual harassment were lying. herman cain spoke 24 hours after a chicago woman deliver this graphic account of what happened when she asked herman cain for help in finding a job. >> he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reach for my genitals. >> i do not even know who this woman is. >>catherine: the can it is said that sharon is being used by his political enemies. >> the democratic machine in america has brought walks--brought forth a troubled woman to bring forth these allegations.
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>>catherine: before he spoke his first accuser came forward today, she is currently working for the justice department. her lawyer said her experience with similar to the other. kane says he only has one memory of anything personal between them. >> i was standing next to mispick crashaw and i gestured to her like this is saying that you are the same height as my wife, that is the end of the story. >>catherine: 53 percent of registered voters believe the allegations against herman cain are true. 44 percent say that the issue has made them less favorable toward him. now among republicans 39 percent believe the accusations and 35 percent feel less favorable toward him.
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>> are the accusations caused me to back off and may be withdrawn from his provincial primary race? that is not going to happen. >>catherine: herman cain said they he is willing to take a lie-detector test under questioning but will not submit to one without good reason. >>pam: an off-duty officers shot a man tried to return to his home it all happened in brentwood. j.r. stone is live in brentwood with the details about the additional suspect that the police are still looking for. >>reporter: the second suspect is still alive, but this is an open investigation for the police. as i stepped out of the way you can look at a street that is roped off by yellow tape. at the industry that is with the off-duty officer shot the man who tried to break into his house. you can see the
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investigators in the street. what they're doing right now, they have been looking at a car that they believe the suspects were driving. i do want to go to the video because in this the video, you can see one of the suspect who shot. we were there as he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. his condition at this hour is unknown. we talk with a number of people in this neighborhood who say they heard the gunshots. >> i was doing someone's hair, and then i heard a pop sound and then almost immediately i heard sirens. >> i heard 2 boom boom sounds, and then i started hearing costs and fire trucks and all of that coming in. >> i added text message from my phone from other offices that live in the neighborhood as it did not go outside and lock your doors. >> i saw a tan car.
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>>reporter: those are the investigator standing in the car, one of the suspect is in the hospital the other suspect is still lose. this is a case that is changing and as we get updates we will let you know about them here in brentwood. reporting live in brentwood i am j.r. stone, now back to you. >>reporter: this just in to the kron4 newsroom a motorcycle rider has died after a collision on us-101 in san francisco. i will use the big board to give you a close look police said the motorcyclist was riding no. when he rear in a vehicle just after the vermont street exit which is right there. we have video from the scene that would just got in. this was shot just after the wreck was cleared. you can see traffic is still moving at a snail's pace. this impacted traffic all afternoon long. three left lanes were closed as a result of this accident. the
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name of the deceased motorcyclists has not yet been released. >>pam: at 5:00 p.m. the sex abuse scandal grows at penn state. why legendary football coach joe paterno may be the next person to fall after allegations of child molestation involving a former assistant coach. and election day around the bay area, we take you live to san francisco where voters are choosing the next mayor. a new report is bringing hope to the bay area housing market. why the same firm that predicted that housing will burst now says home prices are on the way back up. plus, too close for comfort a look at the big asteroid that is at buried near earth right now that is all ahead. >>jacqueline: here is a look at our current conditions, we're going to chill down
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for the night i will have details coming up in just a bit. for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now.
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>>catherine: the sex abuse scandal at penn state led to the former assistant coach at penn state being led away in handcuffs. others are under fire for how they handle things when the allegations first surfaced. and were tonight, the head coach joe paterno may be on his way out. this is him leaving practice, he was expected to hold his same news conference but his boss said no way. he was told that he cannot talk with reporters. a fire storm is brewing over the fact that this man a former coach under joe paterno was charged with abusing eight boys within 10 years. in 2002 a grad student reportedly saw him abusing a young boy and a shower. many people including the penn state trusties were informed
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but nothing happened after the coach told joe paterno what he saw. the paternal did tell his superiors the a report of the known to the police and then no one even took action to see if the boy was ok. after the news conference it was up to an assistant athletic director to explain what happened. >> due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding allegations, we have determined that today's press conference cannot be held and will be rescheduled. >>catherine: sandusky has been arrested and described by others as a sexual printer one boy says he was a salted 20 times including here at sandusky's home. and now another boy has come forward. the new york times has reported today that the school is in the process of severing ties with joe paterno in the midst of the controversy and that the 84 year old could be deploye--coule
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gone in a matter of days or weeks. another person said to be losing support is the penn state president but it is not clear yet how much. the search continues in washington for this missing two year-old boy. the boy's father said he agreed to take a lie-detector test. that is him on the right, the father with the police. officers will also test other relatives the child was reported missing sunday morning. his mother said she left him sleeping alone in her unlocked car for an hour after it ran out of gas. at this point there are no solid leads in the case. the world is remembering joe frazier who died last night after a brief battle with liver cancer one of the biggest fights in his boxing career was against mohammad ali. mohammed al v released a statement saying i will always remember joe with
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respect and admiration, he was 67. the obama administration is going to open more areas of the gulf of mexico off alaska's coast offshore oil and gas drilling. those plans are a lot more narrow in scope than what they said they would do before the oil spill in the gulf. [music] >>jacqueline: it was sunny and now out there and you're cooling down back into the 50s and we will move quickly into the '40's as the temperatures continued to slide into tomorrow morning. it will be another chilly morning tomorrow, no frost advisory but each temperatures in the '30's and low '40's. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures are warming up and we will see another nice afternoon on thursday. that is before the rain rosa in. it looks like it will move in late on thursday night. it may possibly even move in on friday morning. we will take
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a look at that in a moment the first let us take a look your temperatures. >>jacqueline: temperatures will rebound nicely into the afternoon, we have upper 60 the number of places including are bayshores down the peninsula and also into the south bay. the inland valleys are a little bit cooler with 64 degree than any of. we have low to mid '60's in the north bay. now let us talk a little more about that rain. >>jacqueline: the computer model is not agreeing on exactly when this will roll through. on thursday future katz has the rain off shore, and the other does not bring it in until early friday morning. this one brings in about 2:00 a.m. on friday. we have heavy rain to the north bay and this will continue to the morning
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hour, the 5:00 a.m. hour will continue to push towards the coastline. so, potentially this will affect your morning commute i think it will on friday at the will last into the afternoon as well. let us give it your extended forecast. we have a couple of good days tomorrow and the rain does not look like will role in until very late thursday night possibly even friday morning. this will last through early friday afternoon we will see a break before the rain returns. the showers and the rain will return late saturday. stay with us, we will be back.
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>>kimberlee: to the gop can determine came held a press conference to discuss all the accusations about sexual harassment that he is facing. he denied everything, which put up a pole and we wanted to know what our viewers thought about this. the majority, 40 percent say they do not believe him, they believe his accusers, 30 percent of the people say all this does not matter does not affect their vote. 24 percent say
5:24 pm
they do believe him, and 6 percent said they were not sure about all this. we would like to know you think, visit our kron4 facebook fan page in you can vote in the on-line poll and leave your thoughts and the comments section. we will be back after this break.
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>>pam: at 5:03 p.m. it is election day we will take you where voters are deciding who will be the next mayor. also a smelly situation has people out of their home in concord. and the same firm that predicted that housing will burst in the bay area is predicting some good news, and just how much the firm predicts home prices will increase in the coming year that is all ahead.
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>>pam: at 6:00 p.m., voters are choosing a new mayor in san francisco, let us go live to dan kerman with a preview on this election day. >>reporter: good evening, we're in twin peaks in san francisco adjutancy people have been here all day long doing voting. it has been pretty steady at this location. the big race in san francisco as you mentioned is the race for mayor. antley was reported as the caretaker mayor to finish out gavin least tern, and then he was encouraged to go back into office. and in the past any--and the past 10 major races we have stannate 50 percent turnout the early indication is that we will not yet did that 50 percent turnover. that is the early
5:31 pm
indication at this point. we continue that they send out about 210,000 vote by mail ballots. so far have only seen 79,000 of those bad. the bottom line is with all that still out there to be turned in coupled with the fact that there are 16 people running for mayor is very likely that by the end of the night we will not know who the mayor is in san francisco. that will probably be coming with in the next day or the day after unless, and this is the big unless someone is running away with them and we will know that sometime after 8:00 p.m. and have a full report for you coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m.. for now the polls continue to be open and will be for some time in the voting continues. >>pam: a similar situation is keeping people away from their home in concord that after an oil pipeline burst . will tran shows the cleanup efforts there. >>reporter: this is with a
5:32 pm
nasty smell is coming from, employees are trying to clean it up all day they were using bulldozers removing this loyal probably taking into a different location. as you concede, they are laying down a card at this time they're not saying exactly how the oil leak but they say they pinched the pipes and now is just a matter of cleaning up. we had a chance to talk with many people that live in this neighborhood. it got so bad that many of them call pg&e and asked if the leak was coming from their house and this is about 1 mi. three-quarters from this location. you get a sense of how bad it is what people thought was coming from inside their house. one by city got so bad he called a friend up and said can i stay with you? reporting from concord i'm will tran with kron4 news. >>pam: to girls shot last friday in morgan hill remain in the hospital this evening. there were standing in a grassy area with several friends and they were targeted in a drive-by
5:33 pm
shooting. a 14 year-old girl was killed in that incident to other 14 year-old girls in the 15 year-old boy were hit by the gunfire. these are the pictures of the suspects, police believe the shooting was the case of mistaken identity. san francisco police are searching for a man robbed a 55 year old woman using pepper spray. police say the thief ran up to the woman and sprayed her face and knocked her down and then took her purse. the woman was not seriously injured. >>pam: home prices have hit bottom across of much of california we all know about that a turnaround may be on the horizon. rob fladeboe tells about a new report that predicted a steady increase in home prices over the next several >>reporter: reporter: back in 2006 they correctly predicted the house unbearable was about to burst and those same economists at the university of los angeles say a convergence of factors means
5:34 pm
that home prices are about to rise. there are fewer distressed properties, more jobs and low interest rates will push prices higher over the next six years. the ucla anderson forecast indicates the median price home in california while relatively flat now will jump 11.5% next year and will rise another 10% in 2013 with the median price of nearly $440,000 by 2017 which will be 52 percent increase over today's prices. the president of the santa clara county realtors association said is about time. >> i'm excited because at the help of a city and the help of the community usually starts with a local roots--real-estate environment, and if the real-estate in farming is healthy everything else will come together. housing prices have come off their highs and they're reasonably priced where people can't
5:35 pm
afford them. people can afford to buy the homes. those two things right there are the only things that you need to have. the need to have a decided to move into the area and that is where the job market comes in. >>reporter: on the downside, they're predicting double- digit increases in home prices, they say sales will remain flat for the next year-and-a-half or so and then gaining steam in late 2013. >>jacqueline: after a chilly start today temperatures rebounded. it was 66 degrees in oakland, 64 degrees in san jose, and temperatures are already dipping to the low 50s. we are in for another chilly night overnight. here are a current conditions. again,
5:36 pm
it will be quite chilly overnight temperatures dipping down to 30 is in a number of places. no frost advisory in place for tomorrow morning. temperatures will be nice tomorrow afternoon it will be a gorgeous day in the temperatures are warming to the upper 60 the number of places. we do have big changes on tap. i will have details coming up. >>catherine: and world news that italian prime minister says that he will resign he says that he will go, but only after parliament passes budget cuts. he says his decision is for the good of the country. the comments were very different from his usual defiant tone. he has admitted today that he has lost his support in parliamentarians went president obama and the president of stark cozy work together they had a conversation overheard by reporters it was meant to
5:37 pm
the private ansar cozy reportedly said that he cannot stand the prime minister and president obama said after work with him every day. he says that he isn't possible for the deadlock in the peace talks. among other things, the israelis announced the destruction of thousands of homes. not tonight this asteroid will go zipping by earth to the closest of its kind in three decades. experts say that it will not hit the earth. people on the east coast will be the best view of this by using a telescope. we have not had anything this why did this close since 1976. >>kimberlee: i am here with today's edition of take a look at this. check this out, in new york city, mrs. in brooklyn n.y. it injured five people of the apartment
5:38 pm
building was under construction, no residents were in their but about one dozen workers were there when the fourth floor caved in. three construction workers were trapped in the twisted metal framing until a rescue team was able to pull them out. not check this out, storm chasers had the cameras running when they encounter this tour nader--tornado and oklahoma. forecasters say that some of the storms packed winds of more than 100 mi. per hour. now this next video shows a new york man who was upset about being let go from his government job he took his anchor high above the hudson he dangled there for hours. when the rescue boats got close to him he jumped into the water and try to swim away and escaped but eventually he was pulled aboard and taken to shore. we're not sure of any
5:39 pm
charges he will face. now look is, a deer decided to make a quick run through a restaurant in atlanta. the der leaks through the glass into the restaurant it takes a look around and then start of the employees to run outside. the deer manages to slip through the door right behind him taking off into the parking lot the deer was not injured as well. >>pam: checking traffic is the bay bridge toll plaza heading into san francisco you can see how far the backup is this is pretty heavy traffic coming on to the bay bridge. this is the james lick in san francisco. the top of your screen is the traffic headed east bound. the traffic is headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge is quite slow there. south bound 101 as we see the headlights at the bottom of your screen that is also crawling along, we will be right back.
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>>catherine: investors in protecting that italian prime minister was that them.--prime minister will step down. and rob blackett here to talk about this with us. >> yes, this is like a retirement for him. he nearly killed along with other politician in the european union, wall street had a huge rally on this. and not thinking 6 is anything. and you know what the man i like his successor. he may be worse than the problem. >>catherine: yesterday he has been a problem. >> now this is one of the most runs in the housing market that it has bottomed
5:44 pm
out. >>catherine: and another winner is a credit unions. >> since september 29th, the bank of america mountain the $5 debit card fee, 650,000 people have joined credit unions that is 20,000 per day. that is $80 million in new savings. that is about $2,000 per account. >>catherine: that is still not enough to hurt the banks? >> they cannot hurt the big banks it is strapped with money but let me tell you this before you do it transfer mixture that there are enough atms for you. if you go out of state may be a nightmare to get your own money. it is a little bit of a pain, but not much that the only negative i confine. >> now i would end the
5:45 pm
apartment with them when they came up with this, they make money by selling local ads. so this is huge, with any huge sales force and that is a little bit of a problem. 95 percent of all the customer spending habits of locally. i think they are elite to the party. google will try to buy them but i think is is internet road kill five to 10 years from now. if you buy the ipo i think you will be buying in late in the game. >>catherine: a new video game that everyone is talking by i heard people in the news room talking about it. >> i do not have much testosterone the defense played video games i do. the iphone 4s sold 4 million units but if you 6 million
5:46 pm
units by $60, if they fell $18 million by january 1st that is over 1 billion baht in revenue. this is a blockbuster movie, this is a big project. >>pam: it does look amazing i keep saying it looks like a movie. see you tomorrow. >>jacqueline: after a chilly start today in the been pretty nice out there tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the upper 30's and low '40's for the most part in san francisco will have our warmest location at 48 degrees. temperatures are warm and quickly by the afternoon and by 4:00 p.m. it is a little bit warmer than what we saw today. temperatures in the upper 60 the number of locations. here is a mature morning low as you have the door is another chilly one. definitely bundle up. a to be 34 in santa rosa, 38 in napa, we will see a mixture of 30 then low forties for the inland valleys. down in
5:47 pm
the south bay we have low 40 expected. the temperatures will rebound nicely with upper 60 smart afternoon. the will be even more than today. we have 69 redwood city, 67 in livermore and war along the coastline. i have low sixties to mid 60 for the north bay and 65 in concord. as in the car satellite and radar picture we have clear skies over the bay area but trouble is brewing off shore. you will see rain back into the bay area late thursday into friday. now this one, you can see your by 8:00 the rain is starting to approach to things like they will be delayed at this point. yes today show grain starting at 8:00 p.m.. right now you're rain it may not start until 2:00 p.m. on friday. the rain is really writing the coast and to the 5:00 hour on friday
5:48 pm
morning. and it starts to heavy on the commute. this is by a o'clock on friday. continuing we will see heavier rain down towards the south bay turn to showers friday afternoon. here's a link your extended forecast a couple nice day is on tap. thursday will be nice because it looks like this will be delayed into friday morning. >>stanley: san francisco muni fin inspectors and their teams were out in force in san francisco. this woman was found on the bus with no proof that she paid her fare she also lost her transfer.
5:49 pm
>> i will give me $2 on the bus. >> cents a meneses the honor system the check regularly to make sure that everyone pays their fair. if they do not pay the could be subject to a hundred dollar fine. >> you did not only is the transfer? >> i was going one way so i gave it to someone. >> , according to fair inspectors these guys try to get to the front of the bus when they saw the fear inspected team. the the fear inspector sent they may have had another reason for pulling them off the bus. >>pam: you guys are picking on me because i'm white are you? >>stanley: that was a first. this woman try to cry her
5:50 pm
way out of a ticket but that did not work. now on this guy when he was checked out while asleep on the bus he actually had a valid transfer. and this guy ran away to assist with the doors of the bus open to avoid getting a ticket. a funny thing about this inspection is that i stumbled upon is simply by accident. in san francisco i am stanley ride to kron4 news. columbus, and to the traffic, traffic is moving smoothly of shelf tequila to battle with a long sigh. we will be right back.
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>>gabe: today this is the day they gamers' were waiting for cross of the world. this game has a huge
5:54 pm
following. people waited in line last night for a man that opening outside of stores to buy this game. it is predicted to recall entertainment sales records including making more money than any hollywood movie ever has. if you get on twitter or facebook it is all anyone is talking about what is with all the hype over this video game? be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. i will feature this in my tech report i am gabe slate with kron4 news.
5:55 pm
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>>pam: we have a new video accusing oakland police of misconduct during the occupy protesters. an officer is seen with his name tag cover-up. we had a reaction from the chief of police. and a surprise for an accused burglars when he tried to break into a police officer's home. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. >>pam: presidential hopeful herman cain takes a strong stance against allegations
5:58 pm
that he sexually harassed several women. >>jacqueline: downtown san francisco is in the clear this evening. we have very chilly conditions overnight i will have details coming up the news at 6:00 p.m. is next.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>>pam: could we start with this piece of video that shows an opd officer concealing his name from the public while on duty. this
6:01 pm
happened during the occupy protests last month, this has caused a lot of controversy especially since an offer to concealing his name is the only against the department's policy is against the clock. oakland police chief howard jordan told kron4 that the incident is under investigation. >> i had an opportunity to look to the video last friday came to my attention. i was appalled by what i saw we measly opened an internal affairs investigation that is required our policy. this is not tolerated here in the police department to my knowledge that is the only officer that had his name tag covered by the black tape. so we do not know how widespread it is the that is the only person we are aware of. to the public, with the expect our officers to carry out their jobs in a professional and very ethical manner. one offices do not do what they're supposed to do than what you saw happen happen. we will
6:02 pm
investigate and hold people accountable. >>pam: we were the first to bring you this new video this was released by the open police to permit this showed more of the civil unrest that followed the removal of the protesters from the plaza. this all happened on october 25th. this is at washington in a street this of recorded by the oakland police are visit as they were trying to wrest the protester in the midst of a large cloud--, crowd. >>reporter: -- >> this is from the camera that the officers have that it's attached to their body. this is where large crowd circles a group of police officers. as you can see the officers are surrounded, the crowd is not allowing
6:03 pm
them to move their being hit by pay, and bottles. but they are being spent on. copper pit >> pour rock we are releasing this video because we want people to see what happens are officers. people want to know what happened and why it happened. the world is asking and wondering what oakland reacted the way they did. providing this the video footage shows from our perspective what happened on this particular day and this particular incident release speaks to what the officers went through. >>pam: police say they have received countless hours of private cellphone video. >>pam: we are running new details tonight about the person that shot this video his name is scott thompson he was at the general strike
6:04 pm
last wednesday he pulled by his camera to capture the police that were out on patrol. he says that all of a sudden one of the officer shot him with a non-lethal weapon. he has not been out of the plaza--he has not been up to the other since his injury, but today he did return. >> i was filming the officers and i was moving like this. i did not say anything at all. i was is moving like this. while i was videotaping i was by myself and everyone else was further back. it was very calm, there was nothing happening the people were running about. i started moving for the backyard. >>reporter: pelmeny officers were in front of you at this point? >> i would imagine it with a couple dozen. it was at this point that i recall an
6:05 pm
officer diagonal from meat raises his weapon and shoots me. i would say it is about 1 in. larger than mike i would normally be. it is a little dramatic to be back here and walk through the incident again. to seek even more in daylight in to see this racing more clearly. the whole time i was looking through my camera it reinforces just how outrageous and absurd this officer's actions were. >>pam: he said then he has received thousands of hits on youtube about his video he says most of the comments of the question what happened to him. in other news right now one brentwood suspect is on the loose and another is in a hospital after a midday home invasion and this redwood neighborhood using to mouth,
6:06 pm
we can show you where it all happened. it is that this home week on the corner. the police taking back the would-be robber ronnie went wrong when two men tried to break into an officer's home, the police and got his gun and shot one of the suspects. j.r. stone is live in brentwood the evening were the officers are still searching for clues. >>reporter: here we are more than six hours after this happened in the police are still at work. often the distance you can see some of the light at the have out here yet in the street they're looking at the suspect video and there inside the house which is at the end of the block and they're going to looking for more details in this case trying to figure out why and how this happened. i talked with some people living in the neighborhood many of them are still surprised as to what happened. >> i have lived here since 2004 and we have not had any problems in brentwood.
6:07 pm
>> we have to keep a better eye on things. >> they picked the wrong house, you know, exactly. >>reporter: but this is video after this happened, you're looking at what the suspect in the case. he was elected to the hospital. we do not know his condition but we do know that he is still alive. police are trying to figure out the circumstances on what this man targeted, the off-duty officer or was this a random crime. out here in the distance you can see the spot light and my arrested before, they're looking at the suspect vehicle that is still parked in the street. that second suspect, the descriptions on him are vague. and he's the man they're looking for at this hour in brentwood. if we get any updates on new details in this case i will bring them to you in kron4 news. reporting live in brentwood and j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>pam: the district attorney
6:08 pm
says gary holland who you see on the left was looking to rape a woman when he posed as a pg&e worker in order to gain access to her apartment on the right here yet that is the victim on the right. he has decided to enter into a plea deal that involved the be a dropping of attempted rape charges and he agrees to waive his right to future state and federal appeals. we spoke with some of the victims neighbors who are working to prevent similar crimes happen to an accused. >> she would be alive if he never came here and that is the truth. >>reporter: these the men have formed a committee to look at ways to keep people like gary from ending up in san francisco. >>reporter: after serving 11
6:09 pm
years away 13 years since he was rolled to a drug treatment program six months later he killed kate. they are exploring different options of keeping parolee is closer to the area where they committed their crimes. >> why is it that when they find out that someone of this type of person is coming into our neighborhood why can't they just say no? >>reporter: they're looking into other states that have created similar programs so that they can adopt them here. >>pam: and strong odor has been a problem around the sleek train pavilion that is due to an oil pipeline leak. jeff bush is live to explain what is being done to fix the problem is there still is a strong odor there? >>reporter: the kind of
6:10 pm
depends on the way the wind blows. if the wind shifts, i will get their running a scam. you can see that the work crews have set up their work like and i plan on working through the evening to solve the problem appears to workers discovered a leak in a 16 in. crew oil pipeline that takes oil from the central valley are live up to the refinery in rodeo. that isolated the leak all day long they have been leading a line and storing the will for a chance for later on. the health department says that it poses no harm the dust think when the wind blows. it was so bad last night that some people had to spend the night in a hotel. >> they say it was definite strong readings and they did not know what it was. the wind comes right from there and right through the kitchen and right front
6:11 pm
bedroom window in the inland side of that room window is not healthy at all. we had no idea there was a second pipeline back there we were hearing for 11 years that this was on the property. >> cruiser also removing contaminated soil from the fight they have been doing that all day long. they plan on working year fixing the problem but there is no estimated time. in concord i'm jeff bush with kron4 news. >>jacqueline: i will have your complete forecast coming up in less than 10 minutes. /+
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6:23 pm
voters are electing a new mayor. then curving to lend us to live from the polling place. >>reporter: i am here at twin peaks and i have seen a steady stream of people who have been voting and plan their ballots and voting marks. the key thing is the mayor's race. at a typical mayor's race the election officer of this thing get a 50 percent turnout but all indications are that we will get up quite a bit less than that this time. this is the first time there have been right choice of voting for and
6:24 pm
mayors race. because of that we may not know who the winner is until tomorrow or possibly even the next day. as we said, the indication is that turnout will be less than 50 percent and the reason for that does for example they set out 220,000 mail in balance. they have only received 79,000 so far that is one indication that we might i did that and that is another indication that by the end of the night if they have counted, the balance those that are still waiting to be mailed in are those that just arrived today before the deadline would not be counted until tomorrow, and the race is very close that is a reason we may not know the winner until tomorrow. in san francisco there are repeated pension reform measures, and men and lee was selected by marriage avenues and to take over when he became the lieutenant governor he was on the lawn to be the
6:25 pm
caretaker mayor and he was encouraged your run for reelection and now faces off with the currents of the visors and passed supervisors as well. we will have a full report coming up on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. and then a 11:00 p.m.. reporting live in san francisco i'm dan kerman with kron4 news. >>pam: san francisco voters are also choosing a new sheriff and district attorney. they are also deciding on two competing pension reform measures. and proposition and and propositioned be as well. san mateo county voters are considering a 5 hunter $64 million bond to shore up buildings. fairfax the voters are voting on a half since increased to cells attacked and vallejo is deciding whether not to raise the sales tax by 1%
6:26 pm
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>>reporter: officials the oakland police headquarters released new video record about opd, officers chest cameras. officials say this deal is an example of what oakland police have been up against throughout these three simple test. >> there won't row fle -- there were roughly six
6:32 pm
officers there against thousands of people and for us that is not good news. >>reporter: here, scott campbell came along a line of police officers what the police officers told him to back up he says that he did, no matter that he did, one of officers fired eight been back at him in his leg. he says that this is been a very painful and difficult week. he is demanding that the city as well as the police department take action. >>reporter: in san francisco a guilty plea was issued today. gary scott pose as a utility worker in order to gain access into the woman's apartment and beat her to death. the dea says he wants to make sure that holland
6:33 pm
would out on parole for attempted murder at the time of the death spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. in britain would one would be robert is in >>reporter: this house is on this road with the officers are still out looking for clues. basically, 2-tried to break and and an off-duty officer grabbed his gun and opened fire. investigators have been busy at work. they were trying to figure out was this random or was this officer a target. morning in brentwood i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>reporter: in concord the strong smell of sulfur is still in the air. this leak was discovered on monday when neighbors complained about the smell. the health department says that there is no danger to the public the many neighbors had to stand hotels last night because of the older.
6:34 pm
workers from comical philips are trying to fix the problem and are also removing the contaminated soil. in concord i am jeff bush with kron4 news. >>reporter: here in contra costa county the school board is to decide if clayton high school will be converted to a charter school. the board approved the plan back in september but have held off until final conditions are met. the main sticking point is money. opponents are worried that making this a charter school could pull funding away from other schools in the district. the board hopes to get a clear answer on that issue in tonight's meeting. >>reporter: here in san jose and across california home prices may have hit bottom and a new report from the university of california in los angeles at suggest that home prices may be about to rebound. currently the median price home is about $287,000.
6:35 pm
economist at ucla predicts that by next year it will go to 11 1/2% and another 10% the year after with steady gains over the next six years. why? the economists say there is a convergence of factors there are fewer distressed properties on the market, lower interest rates and more jobs. >>gabe: today gamers' across the world have waited for this day the call of duty three is on the market. this game has a huge following. people waited in line last night for a man that opening outside of stores to buy the game. is predicted to break all entertainment sales records. it cost $60. i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >>jacqueline: we have big changes to the rain tonight. others talk about our chilly conditions into tomorrow morning. we will see thirties' again for most of the bay area. temperatures
6:36 pm
will rebound nicely into the afternoon. it will be warmer tomorrow about five degrees warmer with temperatures in the upper 60s down in the south bay. the same goes for most of our bayshores. let us talk more about the rain, it will move in very late thursday and probably into early friday morning. adjutancy on the future cast is rolling in to about 2:00 a.m.. it will ride the coastline to the 5:00 hour and then it will start to in fact the south bay. rain will become more like showers into the afternoon. here is a mature extended forecast. we have nice conditions for the next couple days. we have cooler temperatures on tap for friday and light rain expected for saturday. stay with us will be back after
6:37 pm
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>>kimberlee: take a look at this, lindsey johann--lo han when fully naked four and zero months to marilyn monroe. the 25 year-old be on the cover of the january/said yuri issue that will hit newsstands in late december. >>pam: friday is the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011. we look at how businesses are looking to cash in on this rare numerical holiday. >>reporter: this friday is 11,11-11-11 which may not happen again for another hundred years. here are some deals that are popping up on line. hotels and travel have to deal and you need
6:42 pm
dates like this suspicious and they fall on a weekend. retail chains are rolling out discounts as well, most are a modest 5% or 10% off. some have bigger deals, this is also veterans day on friday. most dealers got their new 2012 models in so you could score a deal on a 2011 model car. a 11 is also a and lucky number so it is also a big deal at casinos. and wedding chapels could be busy with a date book of months if not years in advance and hospitals could see a rise in births as mothers will lead to have see section so their babies
6:43 pm
can boast a special birthday. >>pam: if the giants want to keep carlos belcher and they will have to compete with the red sox for his services, gary has that story straight ahead. and joe paterno got plenty of support from his fans today. gary weis end if the n.c.a.a. is all-time winningest coach should be forced to step down on not. gary has more of next.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: the evening everybody one of the saddest stories in sports history continues to unfold on the campus of penn state, nine individuals have now come forward saying that they were sexually a rule-- sexually abused by the former assistant coach of penn state gary sandusky. now this was just a few hours ago in front of the home of joe paternal. students were showing their support but the word is that
6:47 pm
there is a special session going on right now the school's board of trustees and that support for joe paterno is drying up according to one source. >> i know you guys have a lot of questions that i was hoping i would be able to answer them today but we will try to do it as soon as we can. i cannot do it today. >>reporter: -- >> all we know is that joe is the coach of penn state in when there is more to add then i will. >>gary: we going to thursday's game and they are without their star running back nick satin. he is playing with a bad foot and it just will not hill. he injured it against kansas city on october 23rd. now the raiders have to turn this around without
6:48 pm
mcfadden. at 4 and 4, this will be a tough challenge for the raiders in san diego. and this big guy, if years ago he got $100 million from the washington redskins and he did not feel like to be in shape so he was let go there. he tried to make it with the newly england patriots and they finally said see you later. so, money cannot buy a competitive spirit and this young fellow apparently struck out when it came to that. now this is a heavyweight battle set for saturday in palo alto. this game will be nationally televised. the espn game day crew will be there. this is a big deal. the cardinals have 17 straight wins in their hosting oregon. >> if you play well enough
6:49 pm
you get a chance to play in the games like these. and that is what this is. both teams have earned the right to plan a big gain in november and the thing is, for the winner of the game on its bigger. >> i do not to blow this out of proportion oregon is a great team i am glad there is this excitement people will be able to enjoy the game but it is just a conference game against a good oregon team so i am approaching it like that. >>gary: stanford's last loss was to oregon. now i will tell you what, david stern has put an unofficial take- it-or-leave-it offer on the table. the deadline is tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. eastern and 2:00 p.m. our time. if the players do not accept it, you could very well see the season being canceled. they know that it is serious, 50 players showed up today and they're still talking. here is derek fisher.
6:50 pm
>> our orders are clear right now the current offer on the table from the nba is not one that we can accept. not under any circumstances will they give us the ability to negotiate from a position of weakness and been given ultimatums and demanded that we have to accept a particular deal you know, these players make up the body of the nba who provide the talent and the product for what this game is. >>gary: i was reading one of the industry magazines i did i have in front of me but i will tell you that again they ask people right now do you miss the nba, granted it has only been a little over one week 63 percent said no, and a 20% range were the people that said they do not care it was a very small group that said yes, they missed the nba. so, if you believe david stern is tomorrow or else. >>gary: and the boston red
6:51 pm
sox, they are out from under a five year $70 million deal. the word on beltran at the giants are still interested in bringing him back, but yesterday cabrera's signing may have been thinking twice about bring him back. >>gary: when we return vern has the details and a visit with a very special man up next.
6:52 pm
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>>gary: vern clear is here to promote something very special tonight. van among most people know tim flannery as the third base coach for the san francisco giants and then he is right there doing his thing. but for years he has been an accomplished artist. he and his band are performing at yoshi to a long night of the money will go to bryan stow and the giants fan that was be no opening day in the giants stadium. in fact let us listen in on tim flannery and his talents. [music] >> this is what we like to do with the music, we like to raise money and raise awareness and try to heal on a lot of different levels. we are honored to be able to come in bryan stow honor and
6:56 pm
will play music for him. of >> doors open at 7:00 p.m. the show is at 8:00 p.m.. and you know tim flannery has 10 dvd releases. and he and his guitar, loretta it goes on the road with him and it keeps him settled. his entire family has a musical background. >>gary: if i am not mistaken he said that some of the guys that he performs with have been on stage in support of eric clapton and glen campbell and various guides. so this is no amateur. of >> he sang with the grateful dead. >>gary: that is great. >>vern: tomorrow night at yoshi is, you can go to the web site for more information and the doors open at 7:00 p.m. it is a great cause. all the money goes to help pay this mountain medical bill for
6:57 pm
bryan stow. >>gary: we will mention this again tomorrow but coming up tonight at 8:00 p.m. a world series hero with bay area roof appears on kron, see you then. so you can put your tv pretty much anywhere you want. and that stand... anywhere? like, we can put it over there? and that coffee... or we could t it on the patio for watching the game with the guys. or in the kitchen? but, these curtains are... i can't believe you moved the tv. it's like a whole new living room. it actually is a whole new living room. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver, only from at&t. now get u-verse with dvr at the lowest price ever. at&t.
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our newsmaking explosive interview with the woman who claims that justin bieber is her baby's father. >> her breakdowns, her walkouts, a lot of moments that you won't believe. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. shutting down our interview, not once but twice. >> give me one minute. >> the question that she refused to answer. >> the moment we played justin's denial back. >> none of those allegations are true. >> where bieber is now as and what he said made him sick as the mother of his alleged love child comes under fire. >> concerns about being prosecuted over having sex with a 16-year-old? >> he came on to me. >> then reached for my genitals. then herman cain's fourth harassment accuser. her own checkered past. >> let me set the record straight. i ha


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